Urban GO Dogs Southern Oregon

How to Safely and Sanely Exercise Your Dogs on Public Trails and Parks with Control and Confidence While Having the Most Fun Ride of Your Life!

“Dog Sledding” in the City for your Urban Dog*

An exclusive group of teams will work
personally with Liz Parrish and Barb Schaefer to create the healthy, happy, controlled dogs they desire…

will you be one of them?
(Only 8 7 spots left in the Saturday 10/9/2010 Full-Day Urban GO Dogs Clinic!!)

Hurry! The Early-Bird Discounted Registration Deadline for Enrolling and Receiving

All of The Benefits and Bonuses Listed Below is

Sunday, August 15th at Midnight!!

Do you have an energetic dog…of nearly any breed…that wants and needs more daily exercise than you have the time and energy to provide?

Has your vet told you to get your dog in better shape and you want an easy way to do that?

Are you looking for something new and fun to share with your best friend?

Do you already hike, swim, walk or participate in a dog sport like agility, obedience, flyball, dance, etc with your dog…and want an activity to do with them as cross-training, during the off-season, or as a compliment to what you’re already doing?

Then “Urban Dog Sledding” is perfect for you and your best friend!

You can accomplish all of these, and more…

Learn the insider secrets to successful urban sled dog training…

The BEST way to teach pulling in harness and NOT on leash

5 keys to holding your dogs’ attention

3 top skills to get your dog to enjoy pulling & travel forward consistently

How to quickly and easily bring a new dog into your house and team

The 7 things you must NEVER do while training your dogs’ pulling skills

Start your dogs out right in harness and learn to correct – and prevent – unwanted behaviors! Do you…and they…know what it takes to have fun being an urban sled dog – in the city AND on the snow? To know what the “pull” command means and to know how to teach it so it sticks? To focus all that pulling energy in a disciplined way so they are Good Dogs and GREAT SLED DOGS?

The fundamentals of harness training make all this happen. It also teaches the dogs they have a situation where they can pull, and are praised for it, thus giving them an outlet for their pulling energies. This has a wonderful side benefit of making good manners and obedience training easier and less of a struggle.

“We never had the opportunity to follow through until now!”

“With the little bit of information I had, and no real formal training, I jumped into mushing with great expectations for Dee & Tay. It was starting to get quite frustrating for me, which in turn effected the dogs. I’m very grateful that Barb & Liz came out and taught us what the actual ground work was. However, not actually knowing what groundwork was or how to execute it properly, we never had the opportunity to follow through with it until now!

-Nanette Griffiths (Newport Beach, CA)

Attended Costa Mesa Clinic

“…I got to see how my dogs really love training when I’m doing it right. It’s the most wonderful thing to see the concentration and happiness on their faces. I just had to laugh sometimes because it was just so damn cute seeing them chug intently along with the tire dragging behind, like it was the most important job in the world.” — Deanne DiPietro, Rhonert Park, CA

Our customized training is called Urban GO DogsSM…because you learn to GO safely and easily with your dogs in your urban settings – parks, trails, or even your own neighborhood!

Especially for our Big Bear Participants, we are offering TWO different and equally engaging options for Urban GO Dogs Training…choose the one that fits BEST for your relationship with your dog(s), where they are in their training, your time constraints and your budget.

Option 1: Urban GO Dogs Full-Day Clinic:
The full-day Urban GO Dogs Clinic on Friday, September 24th, 2010 (NOTE: The Saturday full-day clinic is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT, so we added another day!), is an intimate, hands-on clinic for people who want to harness their dog’s pulling energy while having FUN! The key to Urban GO Dogs is an almost semi-private setting…we typically max out at 8 teams. A team is one person and up to two dogs, an additional family member may attend and use the same two dogs. Your needs are unique, as are all our students whether beginner or more experienced, and so Urban GO Dogs clinics are highly customized to the needs of the specific participants. You’ll learn and put into practice exactly what you and your team needs to enjoy biking, scootering or carting by dog power… also the same skills to have fun in the snow!

Your dog(s) will come away knowing how to work consistently in harness (not just run on a spurt of enthusiasm)! You and your dog will have techniques for continuing to go while passing distractions of all sorts. Additional topics typically covered include insider secrets to foot care, massage and physical exams, health and nutrition, harness fit and much more.

Option 2: Urban GO Dogs Scootering Groundwork Introduction:
For those looking for more of an overview experience, we proudly present the Urban GO Dogs Scootering Groundwork Introduction, a half-day survey of all the basics you need to know to see if you and your dogs are interested. On Sunday, September 26th, 2010, we’ll cover and demo the introductory practices and exercised, gear, canine health considerations and how to get started. You and your dogs will come away knowing if scootering is an activity you can enjoy, how to get started, and have new friends and resources to train with and get out on the urban trails back home.

“Thank you for the knowledgeable and fun clinic. I can not wait to put all my new skills into action. There has been such a change in my dogs behavior mostly due to my new understanding.” – Shawn Wente, Cotati, CA

“First the human has to understand, and then you can see it go “click” for the dog. I had several of those magical moments in the workshop taught by Liz and Barb. It is the best thing the sport teaches us, I think- to keep on learning. ” — Deanne DiPietro, Rhonert Park, CA

“Increased Self Confidence”

After working with Barb & Liz, I could hear the increased self confidence in my own voice and the dogs certainly responded with a willingness I’d never seen before. I expected mushing related teachings but I got much, much more. Anyone who is stuck, wants to polish their skill, or just new and needs everything should plan on attending.”

-Hollie Lohff (LaVerne, CA)

Attended Costa Mesa Clinic

Q: Is this clinic right for me? I’ve got a young dog, and she’s not always well behaved in a public place with other dogs. All this talk about harness training and dog sledding seems pretty hard core to me. How do I know if I will benefit from this clinic?

A: Available for both beginners and advanced dog trainers alike, we will teach the elements of safely traveling by dog using your scooter, bike, trike or dog cart. In our Harness 101 section we focus on one-on-one work that helps provide confidence and control whether with one and two dogs or a whole team of dogs. You’ll develop the skills to work with and train your dog in an urban environment, with distractions, and ensure you and your dogs are having a great time! All healthy dogs, young or mature, will benefit from being able to channel their energies constructively and be praised for it…doing an activity you both can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

“This weekend you gave us tools we needed. I sure wish Randy could have been below today to witness the change!” –

Cyndie Hunt, Costa Mesa, CA

Q: Who are you guys and why are you offering this clinic?

Your Urban GO Dogs instructors are Barb Schaefer & Liz Parrish, co-founders of Life…Through DogsSM. A key tenant of Life…Through Dogs is that dogs mirror and reflect without judgment how harmoniously we are living at any given moment. We can best learn about life – and ourselves – through these wonderful teachers. You will learn from among the best coaches and mentors around who bring their wealth of experience direct to you!

Just like you, Barb and Liz started their dog sledding careers in an urban setting, and continue to enjoy one-on-one and small team work as a key component of their own team development. Barb Schaefer and Liz Parrish have combined experience of training sled dogs over 30 years and 20,000+ miles, and successfully work with a wide variety of dogs and people.

Liz (Iditarod’s Littlest Musher) finished the 2008 Iditarod in celebration of her first half century. Liz devoted 10 years to accomplish her Iditarod dream, starting her own dog sledding learning from her first team of house dogs in 1997 of an Australian Shepherd, Norwegian Elkhound, and a Beagle mix. Liz really enjoys dog training and building the special bond she shares with her 4-legged best friends, and has taught agility, flyball and dog sledding to breeds ranging from Golden Retrievers, Labs, Poodles, Spaniels, Rottweilers and many others. She has trained and ran championship dogs in agility and flyball, enjoyed working stock, obedience, lure coursing and search and rescue. Along the way, she met and conquered challenges from cancer, meningitis, fibromyalgia and osteoporosis. Liz and her team finished the 2008 Iditarod in 14 days with 14 dogs, an extraordinary achievement for a rookie. Liz spent a lifetime preparing for the challenge of Iditarod, and she lives by the motto, “Quitting is NOT an option.”

Maya in Disney’s Eight Below was played by Jasmine who Barb Schaefer raised and trained and Animal Planet’s Breed All About It, Siberian Husky features Barb and her dogs. Barb has been raising, training and running with her Siberian Huskies since 1987. For the first 10+ years Barb and her dogs participated in obedience and conformation competitions, earning many Championships and her dog, Sparky, was a top winning Siberian Husky. Barb volunteered out on the Iditarod trail in remote checkpoints caring for dropped dogs for 10 consecutive Iditarods and with this experience earned a great amount of knowledge about dog care. In Fall of 1998 Barb attended Jamie Neslon/Ann Stead’s Mushing Boot Camp and she was propelled into the world of sled dog racing. Barb and her team of Siberian Huskies have earned numerous awards including the Siberian Husky Club of America Working/Showing Trophy 3 consecutive years for the best multi-purpose Siberian Huskies; and multiple International Sled Dog Racing Association Gold and Silver medals. Barbara is past Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers vice-President and current Board Member. Barb’s very well known in the sled dog community for her mentoring of teenagers in the sport of mushing speaking to and teaching our youth for a better tomorrow.

“Our dogs focused 100% on running well!!”

“Our dogs were so relaxed and confident they focused 100% on running well. I find it hard to describe the emotions I feel and what it was specifically that has made such an instant impact on my dogs and I–for me the experience wasn’t just about running dogs or training dogs–it was very much just about “Life…Through Dogs”. I’ve only just begun in terms of consistent positive handling of my girls but what they did this morning was huge to me…I am so grateful that Liz and Barb have the desire to pass on their vast knowledge and experience in such a personalized way.”

-Joyce Simmons (Tustin, CA)

Attended Costa Mesa Clinic

“Congratulations!!!!! You do more for our sport than any other 10 mushers I can think of!!!! Keep it up.”

— Van Peeke, Glen Ellen, CA

“If I had do-overs, it would be so worth it to me to go back and start every dog correctly. It is so much easier, more effective, quicker and more fun to do it right from Day 1 vs. correcting bad habits. Dogs learn at a tremendous pace, both good and bad, and once they get away with something once, it becomes a bad habit and 10 times as much work to break and reshape vs. learning it correctly the first time.”

— Liz Parrish, 2008 Iditarod Finisher and co-founder, Life…Through DogsSM

Get your dogs started running on the right paw!

Dates: Full-Day Urban GO Dogs Clinic, Friday, September 24th 2010 (NOTE: Saturday is SOLD OUT.)

Half-Day Scootering Groundwork Introduction, Sunday, September 26th, 2010

A minimum of 6 teams will secure your clinic. Let us know of your interest (even if these specific date or location don’t work for you as other clinics are in the works).

The other clinics have all sold out quickly, so don’t delay!

No equipment…no problem! Equipment is available for use at the clinic.

Here’s all the details…

The Urban GO Dogs full-day clinic, runs typically from 8AM-4PM with a custom seminar portion designed from requests by the specific participants during the lunch break.

We start with a short run in the morning for us to evaluate where you and your dog(s) are and what areas might need attention. We will show you how to teach your dogs to focus and pull consistently with specific tools and exercises we call Harness 101. You and your team will practice Harness 101 with individualized instruction from us. The clinic also includes a seminar. The seminar utilizes group coaching and individual Q&A – focus on your topics around preparing for urban mushing. This focus ensures your team is getting the most out of the experience by including equipment and gear selection and options, specific harness fitting for each dog, team conditioning and safety among others. At the end of the day you will go for a short run with your dogs using your new skills and seeing the progress you and your team have made.

Here’s What You’ll Receive With Your Urban GO Dogs Clinic:

Full Day Intimate Hands-On Urban GO Dogs Clinic
Personalized One-on-One Instruction from BOTH Barb and Liz
Custom Harness Fitting for Your Dog(s)
Tools and Techniques to Teach and Reinforce Pulling Fun
All Exercises are Hands-On with You and Your Dog(s)
FREE BONUS – Equipment and Gear Overview and Needs Assessment — Know EXACTLY What You Need and How to Use It!
FREE BONUS– Special Report: 6 Step Physical Exam and our Expanded Version.
FREE BONUS – Attend Sunday’s (9/26/2010) Scootering Groundwork session for FREE — Reinforce Your Learnings and Get More Questions Answered.
FREE BONUS – Lunchtime Seminar on YOUR Topics!
FREE BONUS – Special Report: Foot Care Considerations For Scootering
FREE BONUS – Special Report: Best Strategies for Warm Weather Scootering
FREE BONUS – Ten Easy Steps to Get Your Scootering Athlete In Condition and Proper Weight
FREE BONUS – Private Sunday Morning (9/26/2010) Scootering Run with Barb and Liz…Apply What You and Your Dog Learned on Friday or Saturday and Bring It All Successfully Together!
SUPER FREE BONUS – One FREE Month to the “Trainers Inner Circle” Coaching and Mentoring Program, supporting your ongoing dog scootering and training needs.

The Urban GO Dogs half-day Scootering Groundwork Introduction, runs typically from 9AM-1PM and is a quick-paced survey of all the basics to get introduced to the equipment and techniques of the sport of urban dog scootering.

Here’s What You’ll Receive With Your Urban GO Dogs Scootering Groundwork Introduction:

Half-Day Day Urban GO Dogs Introduction to Scootering Groundwork for you and your dog!
Personalized One-on-One Instruction from BOTH Barb and Liz
Tools and Techniques to Teach and Reinforce Pulling Fun
FREE BONUS – Equipment and Gear Overview and Needs Assessment — Know EXACTLY What You Need and How to Use It!
FREE BONUS – Special Report: Best Strategies for Warm Weather Scootering
FREE BONUS – Ten Easy Steps to Get Your Scootering Athlete In Condition and Proper Weight
SUPER FREE BONUS – One FREE Month to the “Trainers Inner Circle” Coaching and Mentoring Program, supporting your ongoing dog scootering and training needs.

“OK, so your clinic really covers all the bases. But I’ve been to clinics before and I have some folks I know that can show me what they do. Why do I need to attend Urban GO Dogs?”
There are lots of clinics, seminars and dog training out there addressing dog powered sports. Urban GO Dogs is unique because of the intimate instruction is customized for you, your dogs, your trails, and your specific equipment. Many other clinics by clubs and individuals provide an introduction in a large group format, a chance to throw your dog(s) in with a larger team, and an overview of equipment and gear, often all in a day or half-day overview. Depending on the specific group or individuals, the focus of other clinics may be more oriented toward selling dogs/gear/equipment, larger teams, racing, non-urban training, etc. Barb & Liz focus on one-on-one attention for you and your dogs and your specific goals with our very low student to instructor ratio.

“This is the picture <Mattie and Button happily next to each other without incident> I’ve always wanted. I knew they were capable of it, I just needed the help. And this is the best place to get the help, completely the best place. I’ve had training for all types of different things, from Lynda Plettner, I’ve been to other seminars, I’ve listened to Libby Riddles, other clinics and you get the information but you don’t get the actual know how, do it this way, hands-on, and this is what me and my team needed. While there are wonderful opportunities, programs, workshops, clinics out there that are offered free or low cost (& at higher costs) that people can attend to further their knowledge and skills, I can attest from my own experiences of this past weekend that if you are thinking of getting a more personalized approach to learning more about mushing, sled dog health issues, or addressing specific issues (i.e., teaching a dog to really pull, as opposed to just running; playing while running; sharking on other dogs while running; and more issues), I can highly recommend that you consider attending an Urban GO Dogs clinic by Barb and Liz.” Karen Liane-Shiba, Anaheim, CA

We are looking forward to meeting you this fall! We welcome your interest, look forward to your participation, and are glad to be able to enhance your relationship with your best friends! Barb and Liz

“I just wanted to thank you both again for the great learning experience. You two ladies made life changing improvements to both Karen and me. For this I want to thank you. I hope we can live up to your expectations of us.
Ladies, I wish you both the best and if you ever need a witness to what you two can accomplish I will be the first person to stand up and say “you are the best”!” —Cyndie Hunt, Costa Mesa, CA

Date: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 24th through 26th, 2010

Location: Southern California, Big Bear area

Early sign-up discount for registering on or before Thursday, July 8th.

Urban GO Dogs Clinic with FREE Bonuses Including Follow-up Coaching:
FULL Day,Friday, September 24, 2010
Investment of Only $297 $225 (with Early Bird Discount, Expires July 8, 2010)
PLUS Share of Instructor Travel Expenses

Urban GO Dogs Scootering Groundwork Introduction with FREE Bonuses Including Follow-up Coaching:

HALF Day, Sunday, September 26, 2010
Investment of Only $125 $67 (with Early Bird Discount, Expires July 8, 2010)
PLUS Share of Instructor Travel Expenses

AUDITOR-ONLY Urban GO Dogs Scootering Groundwork Introduction with FREE Bonuses (NO hands-on dog work):
HALF Day, Sunday, September 26, 2010
Investment of Only $70 $37 (with Early Bird Discount, Expires July 8, 2010)
PLUS Share of Instructor Travel Expenses

Shared portion of Barb & Liz’s travel expenses will be collected at the clinic.

To register an additional family member at the significantly reduced investment of $87 (valued at $197) to work with the same two dogs, register yourself and contact us and we will send you a link for to register the additional family member.

“Worth MORE Than I Paid!!”

“I consider this past weekend’s Urban GO Dogs clinic a great success! For me, the intimately-sized clinic and one-on-one training was what we needed and what I wanted and expected.

I’m extremely glad I participated in it. The clinic was definitely worth more to me than what I paid for it – and that’s saying quite a bit about the value of the clinic in light of this down economy.”

-Karen Liane-Shiba (Anaheim, CA)

Attended Costa Mesa Clinic