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Chronic pain is a disabling condition that often takes over one’s life…and it doesn’t have to! If you or someone you care about suffer from chronic pain, you need to learn what you can do to take charge and move beyond your pain.
Here are the facts…

* Worldwide, 1-in-5 people suffer with chronic pain…in the US, the ratio is even higher, 1-in-4 Americans deal with either constant or intermittent chronic pain in their personal and professional lives.

* Women disproportionally experience chronic pain, and it is a disabling disease of itself, not merely a symptom of another condition.

* Chronic pain sufferers often don’t mention or understate their pain for fear of ridicule or because they believe nothing can be done.

People of all ages and walks of life seek relief from chronic pain, through treatment options ranging from behavior modification, rehabilitation, medications, surgeries and interventional therapies.
To be successful in moving beyond your chronic pain and  living the fulfilling life you deserve, you need to apply the key secrets to a powerful mindset, behaviors and beliefs which will tap into your inner strengths and enable you to live your best life!

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The problem for most of us is that we don’t know how to take the most productive actions to embrace and apply these powerful behaviors and mindset.

Imagine if you knew how to be confident in your ability to overcome your personal adversity and fully enjoy your family, friends, activities and regain your independence and make a contribution again in your career and community.

Join this informative 1-hour webinar where we will answer these questions:

  • How can you, as a chronic pain sufferer, effectively use the tools available to you to live well TODAY despite your pain…and not be dragged down by negative self-talk and the attitudes of family, friends and health professionals?


  • What are the 3 big myths that prevent most pain sufferers from regaining control of their lives and engaging with the family, friends, co-workers and community as fully as they desire?


  • What are the 7 key lessons and transformational tools you can use to tap into your inner strengths and take charge of your life and health once again?



If you would like to learn how to transcend your pain and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life with your  family, friends and career, you’re invited to attend this complimentary training webinar.
We’ll be discussing a holistic framework for integrating and supporting all your efforts to transcend your chronic pain — not just cope, but move beyond the pain to a complete and fulfilling life.

What others have said about the material…

With hard-hitting tips taken directly from their experience training sled dogs, this material is both a practical and inspirational guide to becoming a passionate, effective leader at any level. After dog-earing the transformational strategies (pun intended), then apply them & see the difference this information makes in your relationships, your business, and your life!” –Ed Rush, Former Marine Corps F-18 Pilot, Speaker, Author, Coach,


“Your expertise and passion comes through!” –J. Brazille

” It was SUCH a pleasure to speak with you (Barb) and Liz. Kindred spirits, was my thought when I got off the call..”  — I. Jennings, Osteoporosis Prevention Coach

“I appreciate your approach — simple and powerful.” –L. Sisson

I was mesmerized by the stories of the dogs, and it was easy to see how important their lessons are. Being open to accepting their teachings is a great step toward maximizing your life potential. I will be applying these lessons to better my own life and results.”–Karen B.

Truly wonderful! The content is entertaining, inspiring, and motivating.” — Mary McNally, President, Project Training Plus, LLC

Being the lead dog is truly the way to go…and Barbara and Liz will show you how to get there!”– Jonathan Sprinkles, Voted Speaker of the Year (APCA), Voted Mentor of the Year (Walt Disney Company), Voted Marketer of the Year (JMI, Inc.);

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Liz Parrish, known as “Iditarod’s Littlest Musher”, had three goals for running the Iditarod: train her own team, complete the 2008 Iditarod to celebrate her 50th birthday, and have fun! Mission accomplished.


From a challenging start beating childhood cancer, scoliosis, fibromyalgia and clotting disorders, and zero sled dog experience, she devoted 10 years of her life to accomplish her dream…with the wholehearted help of her incredible sled dogs.


Her passion is sharing the teachings from the dogs with whomever is open to experiencing the transformation that the sled dog lessons provide, for the dogs have taken her places physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that she couldn’t go on her own.


Barbara suffered a traumatic brain injury at her first sled dog race, and devoted the next several years to healing herself through taking care of her dogs.


The focus and patience the sled dogs taught helped her face life’s challenges & gave her the perseverance to continue forward and win her own “personal Iditarod.”


These lessons became particularly important for Barbara when her husband was diagnosed with stage IV throat cancer and she was able to bring all the lessons to bear resulting in a successful outcome despite incredible odds.


Barbara and Liz are both active speakers, authors, coaches and educators  on the topics of holistic leadership, communications and teamwork, and how to overcome your own personal adversity and challenges to live your BEST life!

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“I want to share…Having the mind-set and seeing it through all the way to the intended end result was really  empowering. And the funk feeling disappeared. On to a great day! Thank you Ladies!!” — L.S.