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Partnership Opportunities


  • Community Visibility & Support
  • Business Sponsorships
  • More Successful Adoptions
  • Less Surrenders
  • Attract Quality Volunteers
  • Income Stream


Sample Opportunities:

1) Revenue Share: 35% to Haven Humane for Life…Through Dogs products and services purchased through Haven Humane

  • Be the Lead Dog, 7 Life Lessons Taught By Sled Dogs
  • Crimp! On-by! The True Story of a Most Unlikely Iditarod Leader
  • Lead Dog Games (on-line)***   ***Increase successful adoptions, reduce surrenders
  • Urban Mushing Clinic (on-line or in-person or combo)

2) EZ Donations: $10/room night for booking Crystalwood Lodge individual rooms

$50/night for booking Crystalwood Lodge vacation rentals (whole lodge)

3) Haven Humane sponsored retreats/workshops at CWL

4) Business sponsorship packages: leadership workshops

Also PR, product placement, community partnerships

5) Volunteer discounts, volunteer only classes/events

(not combinable with revenue share)

6) Keynote events (Iditarod, team building, personal leadership and mushing are my speaking specialties)

for existing or new events, or to represent Haven as a spokesperson – with or without sled dogs

7) Events: Hey, My Dog Can Do That!

Demos, education, materials, sign-ups for (urban) mushing, flyball, freestyle, agility, lure coursing, trebball, tracking, dock diving, JRT racing, SAR, assistance/therapy work, herding, pointing/hunting, etc. etc.



  • Change the mindset about Haven Humane
  • Great positive community visibility and engagement
  • Role model engagement for other regional businesses
  • Increased consistency of income stream (esp. as expanded to biz sponsorships)