About Liz Parrish, Iditarod’s Littlest Musher

Liz Parrish and her famous Iditarod Lead Dog Crimp

Liz is an inspirational role model and leading authority in leadership and personal development, and transcending personal adversity to lead a full and vibrant life. My clients are people who are challenged by:

  • Needing to develop and fully utilize your innate leadership skills
  • Stepping into your power to overcome personal and professional adversity
  • Yearning to develop a more fulfilling bond with your 4-legged best friends
  • Choosing how to exercise, live with and love their dogs, in all situations.


Liz Parrish has come back from all sorts of challenges and accomplished her dreams, and her mission is to share with you how to do that through the Life…Through Dogs offerings and programs. Just like you, Liz has struggled with personal and professional adversity…chronic health conditions, strained relationships, trauma, layoffs, and more.

She’s overcome incredible odds, accomplished seemingly impossible goals, beat tough health challenges, and achieved an active, vibrant and fulfilling life all thanks to the help and guidance she’s received from the world’s most amazing teachers…her incredible sled dogs!

Liz Parrish at the Start of Iditarod 2008

The sled dogs have taught her the lessons be able to accomplish all of this and more, and they continue to teach her every day. It’s not a magic pill, but it is a magical process and engagement, to be able to tap into your own inner strengths using the dogs as mirrors into yourself and your own capabilities.

Liz Parrish, known as “Iditarod’s Littlest Musher”, had three goals for running the Iditarod: train her own team from scratch, complete the 2008 Iditarod to celebrate her 50th birthday, and have fun! Mission accomplished.

From a challenging start beating childhood cancer, meningitis, scoliosis, fibromyalgia and clotting disorders, and zero sled dog experience, she devoted 10 years of her life to accomplish her Iditarod dream…with the wholehearted help of her incredible sled dogs.

Her passion and mission is sharing the teachings from the dogs with whoever is open to experiencing the transformation that the sled dog lessons provide, because the dogs have taken her places physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that she couldn’t go on her own.

Liz is an active speaker, author, coach and educator on the topics of powerful personal leadership, communications and teamwork,  and how to overcome your own personal adversity and challenges to live your BEST life! Liz is the author of Crimp! On-By!!, The True Story of a Most Unlikely Iditarod Lead Dog, and her latest book is Be the Lead Dog, 7 Life Changing Lessons Taught by Sled Dogs.

The sled dogs provide a perfect mirror to show all of us how to live our lives at any given moment: clear, unequivocal, non-judgmental feedback on what’s REALLY going on with ourselves and how to succeed with balance, clarity, purpose and passion.

Welcome! I very much look forward to sharing how to Be the Lead Dog with you! Let’s go!

Liz Parrish and her leaders at the finish of Iditarod 2008