Life…Through Dogs

TuskBigSmilelg HeadshotAre you looking to step into your own Personal Leadership?

Are you seeking ways to be active and engaged with your dog?

Why not do both…together?

Life…Through Dogs’ approach is simple. Think about your favorite teacher. Ever. Why are they your favorite? What impact did they have on you and your life?

That’s the goal…be that amazing impactful teacher for your dog. Love them by being active with them, exploring and experiencing life and activities with them, leading with them. When you do that, the depth of your relationship together knows no bounds. You, and they, individually and together, can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Loving your dog means teaching them that they CAN — can do whatever you want to achieve together.

When you step into your power as a teacher, a funny thing happens. YOU get way more out of the process than they do. YOU become the student too.

When you expand your dog’s horizons, you explore your own.

When you successfully raise the bar for your dog, you experience your own success.

When you teach your dog that they CAN, you become the leader you were meant to be.

Life…Through Dogs Will Make Your Heart Sing

Simply put, use your Life…Through Dogs to fulfill your dreams.

Explore where you can have the time, focus, space and comfort to enhance your relationship with your dog, while exploring the beauty and natural wonders of Crater Lake and the Southern Oregon Cascades.

Experience how you can enjoy mushing with your dog with confidence, pride and while discovering the freedom to experience your world together.

Have your dog Lead you to a place within yourself where you can step into and embrace your own powerful personal leadership. Become the leader you inherently already are, and fulfill your personal and professional dreams of making a difference with ease and grace.

Liz Parrish, aka “Iditarod’s Littlest Musher” finished the 2008 Iditarod to celebrate her 50th birthday, despite starting this odyssey with zero sled dog experience. During her decade of preparing for and completing the “The Last Great Race®”, Liz realized the dogs were teaching her far more than she was teaching them.

Post-Iditarod, she determined that her life was dedicated to sharing the lessons of that achievement to help other women develop their own personal leadership. With gratitude and thanks to the guidance and tutelage of the perfect teachers — her dogs! Find out more about Liz and her mission.

Thanks for joining her and the dogs on this amazing journey of accomplishment and leadership!